Serving Schedules

Sunday Refreshments

July 7: Rod and Carla Yonak; Jan Brower

July 14: Patt Anthony; Rick and Sue Radtke

July 21: Carmen Schroeder; John and Betty Halvorson

July 28: Josh and Brenda McDermott; Tom and Lisa Rowen

August 4: Jan Marquette; Leon and Joanie Schmidt

August 11: Mark and Kelli LaVoie; Paul and Lori Ruda

August 18: Nathaniel And Jessica Sandvig; Angie Erickson

August 25: Terry and Rachel Galle; Chet Drewelow

September 1: Leroy and Chantelle Kiphuth; Patt Anthony

September 8: Scott and Heather Ludwig; Chris and Michele Lieske

September 15: Crissie Bayer; Cregg Knutson; Cassie Knutson

September 22: Arlo and Chandra Brower; Creg and Trisha Busse

September 29: Carol Severson; Kevina nd Connie Wischnack

October 6: Jan Brower; Brad and Summer St. George

October 13: Randy and Jane Andersen; Tom and Kara Gerold

October 20: Leilla Wacker; Betty Loredo; Mary Johnson

October 27: Jan Marquette; Joanie and Leon Schmidt

November 3: Carmen Schroeder; John and Betty Halvorson

November 10: Ed and Janet Swingley; Denise Hawkinson

November 17: Chet Drewelow; Mark and Kelli LaVoie

November 24: Craig and Carrie Walters; Sandra Walters

December 1: Tom and Lisa Rowen; Leroy and Chantelle Kiphuth

December 8: Arlo and Chandra Brower; Scott Yelle and Lindsay Fenrich

December 15: Nathaniel and Jessica Sandvig; Josh and Brenda McDermott

December 22: Greg and Trisha Busse; Angie Erickson

December 29: Jason and Wendy Mapes; Eric and Lori Mapes

Acolyte Schedule

9/15: Seth Ludwig

9/22: Mason Drewelow

9/29: April Galle

10/6: Gabe McDermott

10/13: Chase Drewelow

10/20: Abby Ruda

10/27: Autumn Ludwig

11/3: Gabe Walters

11/10: Abbi Galle

11/17: Katelyn Brower

11/24: Addison Ruda

12/1: Seth Ludwig

12/8: Mason Drewelow

12/15: April Galle

12/22: Elders

12/29: Elders

1/5: Gabe McDermott

1/12: Chase Drewelow

1/19: Abby Ruda

1/26: Autumn Ludwig

2/2: Gabe Walters

2/9: Abbi Galle

2/16: Katelyn Brower

2/23: Addison Ruda

3/1: Seth Ludwig

3/8: Mason Drewelow

3/15: April Galle

3/22: Gabe McDermott

3/29: Chase Drewelow

4/5: Abby Ruda

4/12: Elders

4/19: Autumn Ludwig

4/26: Gabe Walters

5/3: Abbi Galle

5/10: Katelyn Brower

5/17: Addison Ruda

5/24: Elders

June, July August - ELDERS

Altar Guild Schedule

January: Connie Wischnack and Wendy Mapes

February: Wendy Mapes and Lois Hills

March: Betty Loredo and Wendy Mapes

April: Connie Wischnack and OPEN

May: Betty Loredo and Patt Anthony

June: Betty Loredo and Lois Hills

July: Connie Wischnack and Patt Anthony

August: Chantelle Kiphuth and Jessica Sandvig

September: Patt Anthony and Jessica Sandvig

October: Wendy Mapes

November: Wendy Mapes and Betty Loredo

December: Wendy Mapes

Usher Schedule

July 7: Rod Yonak & Scott Ludwig

July 14: Cregg Knutson & Rick Radtke

July 21: Terry Galle & Ed Swingley

July 28: Josh McDermott & Tom Rowen


Aug. 4: Randy Andersen & Tom Gerold

Aug. 11: Cregg Knutson & Mark LaVoie

Aug. 18: Greg Busse & Ben Busse

Aug. 25: Chet Drewelow & Terry Galle


Sept. 1: Ed Swingley & Rod Yonak

Sept. 8: Scott Ludwig & Randy Andersen

Sept. 15: Cregg Knutson & Greg Busse

Sept. 22: Ben Busse & Arlo Brower

Sept. 29: Kevin Wischnack & Rod Yonak


Oct. 6: Rick Radtke & Josh McDermott

Oct. 13: Randy Andersen & Tom Gerold

Oct. 20: Kevin Wischnack & Ed Swingley

Oct. 27: Arlo Brower & Terry Galle


Nov. 3: Randy Andersen & Tom Rowen

Nov. 10: Ed Swingley & Brent Hawkinson

Nov. 17: Chet Drewelow & Mark LaVoie

Nov. 24: Cregg Knutson & Terry Galle

Dec. 1: Tom Gerold & Tom Rowen  

Dec. 8: Arlo Brower & Scott Yelle

Dec. 15: Josh McDermott & Chet Drewelow

Dec. 22: Ben Busse & Gregg Busse

Dec. 29: Rod Yonak & Scott Ludwig

Greeter Schedule

July 7: Terry and Rachel Galle

July 14: Ed and Janet Swingley

July 21: Bill Isch and Cregg Knutson

July 28: Scott and Heather Ludwig

August 4: Betty Loredo and Leilla Wacker

August 11: Ed and Janet Swingley

August 18: Scott and Heather Ludwig

August 25: John and Betty Halvorson

September 1: Cregg Knutson and Leilla Wacker

September 8: Ed and Janet Swingley

September 15: Scott and Heather Ludwig

September 22: Bill Isch and Betty Loredo

September 29: Terry and Rachel Galle

October 6: John and Betty Halvorson

October 13: Chantelle Kiphuth and Carla Yonak

October 20: Terry and Rachel Galle

October 27: Bill Isch and Connie Wischnack

November 3: Ed and Janet Swingley

November 10: Carla Yonak and Leilla Wacker

November 17: Scott and Heather Ludwig

November 24: Connie Wischnack and Chantelle Kiphuth

December 1: Terry and Rachel Galle

December 8: John and Betty Halvorson

December 15: Scott and Heather Ludwig

December 22: Betty Loredo and Leilla Wacker

December 29: Chantelle Kiphuth and Carla Yonak

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