How do I get started?

Three things: 1) Get a workbook, and go through the daily challenges beginning on February 16.  2) Be part of our weekly worship, starting with our February 14 service.  3) Get plugged in to a small group, and attend the small group meetings over the forty days. 


How do I get a workbook and join a small group? 

There’s a few options.  You can grab a workbook and sign up for a group when you are at the church for Sunday worship.  Or, you can stop by the church during the week to pick up a workbook and sign up for a group then.  Or, you can contact pastor by email  or call/text (612-554-5411) and he can get a book delivered to you and help get you linked up with a small group.


I’m not comfortable with group meetings right now because of the pandemic.  Can I participate?

Sure you can.  There are small group options that will “meet” using google meet, which is a free program.  You can download it to your smart phone or your tablet (let pastor know if you need help).  If you don’t have a device with an internet connection, camera, and microphone, you might only be able to watch, but you can still participate.   


How much time each day is this going to take?
The daily readings can be completed in about 10 minutes or so.  Carrying out the challenges will vary from day to day, but are often things you can incorporate into your daily life.


Is there any cost to participate?

No.  The cost of the books was paid by the Lieskes because they believe this is important for Alive.  You don't need to pay anything.  Just take the challenge with us! 


Can we form our own small group?

Absolutely!  Anyone who would like to facilitate a small group can do so.  Just pick a date/time/venue and let Pastor Lieske know.  It is really easy.  There are prepared discussion questions and a short video to watch together.  Very little prep time or foreknowledge is required.  If you want to gather a few friends over for a beverage and a discussion, go ahead.  We can help advertise your group in case others would like to join you also. 


What about kids?

The Red Letter Challenge is intended for anyone above the 5th grade.  For those younger, there is a Red  Letter Kids Challenge.  We have a book available for families, and will offer an online Sunday School using the themes of the challenge.  We’ll be reaching out to families directly with more information. 


How long will these small group meetings last?

Group facilitators are encouraged to keep the meetings to an hour.  If the group decides to continue to enjoy one another’s company at that point, that is certainly welcomed!


What if I have a hard time keeping up over the forty days?

Well, it is a challenge, but it is not a race, nor is it a test.  If you fall a few days behind, you can catch up by taking on a few days at once, or you can go one day at a time and complete the forty days when you are able.  The goal is to become greater followers of Jesus, not to stress over keeping up.


What if I have trouble with a challenge?

The challenges are simple, but that doesn’t mean they are easy.  Some of them may push you out of your comfort zone.  If one of them pushes you a bit farther than you can handle, I’d encourage you to find a way to meet the spirit of the challenge, or to accomplish it incrementally.  If you are challenged to give unused clothes to charity, but you just cannot bear to part with all your old favorites, maybe try to choose some.  That sort of thing.  Also, discuss your troubles with your group.  Part of why the groups are there is to encourage us and share in our struggles.


Where can I go to find out more about the Red Letter Challenge?

You can find more information at redletterchallenge.com.