How Can I Help?

We're grateful that you are interested in helping the ministry of our congregation here in Monticello.  There are a few ways you can help:





Pray for our congregation and the ministry that takes place at Alive!  Pray that God's Word would be clearly proclaimed and gratefully received.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would be at work among us and through us to call, gather, enlighten, and sanctify a people for Christ.  Pray for our pastor that he rejoice in his work.  Pray that people come to repentance and rejoice in Christ's forgiveness.  Pray for Alive!

Join with us for worship.  Regular worship attendance does not just provide a benefit for you as you attend, but it also blesses others who are there with you, as you "bear one another's burdens" (Galatians 6:2) and share in one another's joys.  You can help strengthen our congregation with your presence.

You have heard "many hands make light work."  There is a lot of 'work' in the life of a congregation, but God has given us each skills and aptitudes to help in this work.  Volunteer to serve on one of our boards or offices; help with the altar guild; serve as an usher; volunteer to provide a ride to church; or just help your neighbor in whatever God gives you today to help.

Your financial contributions are also helpful for our congregation to carry out its calling and ministry.  These contributions help pay the rent, keep the lights on, support our staff, and build toward our future.