Alive! Lutheran Church

121 West Broadway

Monticello, MN

Alive is located at 121 West Broadway in Monticello, MN  (marked at the map at the bottom of the page).  If you are familiar with Monticello's past, our location is the former location of Johnson's Department Store.  

To join us, head west from the intersection of Highway 25 and West Broadway (marked in red on the map to the right).  Our church is located on the north side of the street on the first block after the turn onto Broadway.  

It might be easy to miss us as you drive past on Broadway.  From the street, here's how the church appears:

Map to Alive.jpg

Parking is very limited along Broadway, though.  So we recommend you park in the lot located behind the building.  A half block west of our location Broadway intersects with Walnut Street.  If you take a right onto Walnut Street (marked in purple on the map to the right), there is a large parking lot between Broadway and River Street (marked in dark blue).  If you find a parking spot and head back toward the church building, this is what you will see:

Map to Alive.jpg

Walk through the door and you'll be greeted by a host of friendly faces delighted to see you and happy you are there!  Come grow with us at Alive! Lutheran Church!