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A Brief History of Alive! Lutheran Church

November 2005: Members of Grace Lutheran Church in Becker, Rev. Dave Johnson, and Vicar Greg Koepsell meet with representatives from LCMS MN North and MN South Districts to formulate plans for a new congregation in Monticello.


January 2006: The first meeting of potential members of this church was held in the Monticello Community Center.  Over the following eight months, this group would meet at the community center with Vicar Koepsell to develop the church’s name, mission statement, and values.


August 2006: Now ordained, Rev. Greg Koepsell was installed as mission planter for Alive! Lutheran Church.


September 2006: Alive! held its first worship service in a rented storefonrt in downtown Monticello.  The first service was attended by about 40 people.


March 2009: Alive! Lutheran Church was officially charterd as an LCMS congregation on March 8.  Rev. Koepsell was called to serve as pastor of Alive! 


December 2009: Alive! began renting the site of the former Johnson’s Department Store at 121 W. Broadway in Monticello.


May 2010: The congregation voted to request a peaceful release from the LCMS MN South District in order to move to the LCMS MN North District, a request formally granted in May 2012.


September 2014: Alive’s members approved the purchase of 5.5 acres just across the Mississippi River in Big Lake Township.


September 2015: Rev. Koepsell accepted a call to serve Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Osh Kosh, WI.


May 2016: Sherburne County approved Alive’s request for a conditional use permit for the land the church sought to purchase.


August 2016: Alive! extended a call to Rev. Christopher Lieske to serve as her next pastor. 


September 2016: Alive! celebrated 10 years of worship services in Monticello.


September 2016: Alive! completed the purchase of the 5.5 acres in Sherburne County.


October 2016: On October 9, Rev. Christopher Lieske was installed as pastor of Alive! Lutheran Church.

Our congregation continues its work transforming lives with Christ's life in Monticello and the surrounding communities.  To God be the glory!